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Manuscript Submissions

If you are not familiar with our products, please request our current catalog or view it on-line. (Hint: People who do not do this often waste their time submitting manuscripts to us.)

If you truly feel we would be the best publisher for you, then send a proposal with three parts:

  1. A cover letter that explains your proposal and tells a little bit about yourself and why your proposed work fits our product line, and exactly whom you see as the audience. (Hint: If your book is for "everyone," then it probably is not for us. We need to know the kind of person who will buy it and why.)
  2. A table of contents for your proposed work.
  3. An introduction and one chapter. We will not read entire manuscripts. (Hint: Send us your best writing. It does no good for you to tell us that something is "just a draft" or that you are "still working on it." We are going to judge it as if it is your final product.)

Be sure to enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your proposal, indicating whether you want the entire proposal returned or just our answer. Your proposal will not receive a response without this SASE.

We accept unsolicited submissions, but we do NOT accept electronic submissions.

Upon receipt of your proposal we will review the materials and respond as appropriate. (Hint: Wait eight-to-twelve weeks for a response, and if you haven't heard from us, e-mail to inquire about your submission.)

If we decide to extend an offer of publication and you accept, then a timetable will be set up for the completion and publication of your work. We do not offer advances to any of our first-time authors.

We will accept proposals that have been sent to other publishers simultaneously. You must, however, indicate this on your initial proposal. If not, your proposal will be automatically rejected at the point this fact becomes known - no matter how far along we are in the process.

Submit your materials to the address below:

Acquisitions Editor
ACTA Publications
4848 N. Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois 60640

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