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James Stephen Behrens

A Note from the Publisher

When one of us dies, we all die just a little bit. Just as when one of us is born, we are all reborn in a way.

Fr. James Behrens, OCSO, died suddenly and unexpectedly on August 15, 2019, from complications of a biopsy being done on his lungs (yes, his lifetime of smoking finally did do him in). He was just back home at the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia, after a very un-Trappist-like trip around the world on tramp steamers and other vehicles.

I talked with him when he got back. “Jeff” was his parent-given name, the one I always called him, the one he used before taking the name James as his religious name when he joined the Trappists. James was the name of Jeff’s twin brother, who died in a car accident as a teenager. For a beautiful tribute to James by Jeff, see the very last entry in this book.

Jeff and I talked shortly before he died. Feeling no sense of urgency, we talked about everything: our families, how my adult children (whom Jeff has known since they were very young) were doing, his life in the monastery and mine in the world, the state of the church and the nation, and where we were each experiencing the divine presence these days.

In the end of his story “The Coney Island Pub,” the last story in this book, Jeff wrote what I will always consider his own obituary: “As my friend and I drove out of the pub and onto the road, there was another sign: ‘Leave with Gratitude and Care.’ I certainly did.”

Gregory F. Augustine Pierce
Publisher, ACTA Publications

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