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Call me ISz.

I chose this name and identity because it expresses that which simply ‘is’—the immediate and active life-state and timeless connection with all things. It is from this connection, this oneness, that my images emerge. But it is the lack of oneness in global society that is the driving force behind my work. I am compelled to fill the void caused by this emptiness in the human spirit by creating a collection of visually disparate raw material with which the viewer can engage. Those participating in my imagery bring their own unique perspectives and can manipulate the many elements in my work in profoundly individual ways. In doing so they can begin to see the endless possibilities of who we are and what we can become. This experience will hopefully leave a spiritual afterimage that fades into a realization that we are one family in a vast universe, a universe only fully explored and understood together. Join me in the state I call ISz.