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In Extenso Press

Books that Matter

In Extenso Press is dedicated to discovering, editing, designing, printing and distributing books that matter, particularly books that may find themselves outside the often narrow purview of traditional publishers.

We find, polish and publish books that needed to be written and ought to be read, books that can change a reader with their singular insights about the world we share. They are typically the fruit of reflection upon years, decades, even a lifetime of experience, and are offered by our authors as a kind of legacy, their personal testimony about their own sometimes faltering journeys in this life we live.

In Extenso books make great gifts. Flowers and candy cost a lot more, and are gone and forgotten in a week. A thoughtfully chosen book becomes a timeless personal keepsake. Our books invite inscription: here is why I thought about you when I discovered this book. In selecting new titles our editors consider the question “Who will give this book?” no less important than “Who will read this book?”

We invite you to browse our titles and find a book that will matter to you, or will matter in the life of someone you care about.


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